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Shoot from concealment

Trigger Control

Shoot multiple targets

Draw from a holster

Sight Picture

Present the weapon

Move off the X

Hold the Grip

Shoot from behind cover/concealment

Shoot from concealment

Nothing is more important than your family’s safety. Get equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to protect them from any threat at a moment's notice.

Become A Firearm Master

Learn the art of drawing seamlessly from concealment, executing tactically precise maneuvers and facing and overcoming multiple assailants.

Empower Yourself with Confidence and Tactical Awareness

Elevate your mental strength and situational awareness, so you can spot danger before it spots you.

Safeguard Your Freedom with In-Depth Legal Insight

Ignorance of the law is not a defense. Don't risk potential fines, loss of your firearm or even criminal charges


Red Ronin Defense Mission

We strongly believe in your right to bear arms, and we feel it yours responsibility to be a responsible, well trained and properly trained gun owner. We at Red Ronin Defense apply a higher standard of training to give our students a better advantage if they ever find themselves “at a moments notice” in what may be the worst day of their life.

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