Reasons Why You Should Take a CCW Class: Protect Yourself AND Your Loved Ones

Have you wondered what sets apart regular firearms owners from responsible ones? The answer is simple: training. Red Ronin Defense’s CCW class offers that. Take control of your family’s safety by going beyond basic firearms training.  

Our comprehensive CCW class in Boise, Idaho to be more specific. Red Ronin’s enhanced CCW classes teach advanced tactical skills and instill unshakable confidence, empowering you to protect your loved ones against any threat.

UPCOMING CLASSES: Limited seats available

November 4th Saturday 9AM
December 2nd Saturday 9AM

Essential Skills for Real- World Threats

Learn practical skills that may one day save your life.

From situational awareness to neutralizing an attack, you can learn advanced skills and earn your Idaho Enhanced CCW permit! 

Develop movement and strategy skills.

Acquire the skills to move quickly, take cover, and eliminate threats by applying the CCW skills taught by the experts at Red Ronin Defense.

From hands-on to safety training, we've got you covered!

With our enhanced concealed carry class in Boise, Idaho, you can begin the journey to become a firearms expert.

Our Values

Our team believes in your right to bear arms. At Red Ronin’s Enhanced CCW classes, we go beyond the Idaho Code 18-3302 to ensure a comprehensive understanding of concealed carry. Our training covers responsible gun ownership to ensure the safe and effective handling of weapons.

Our instructors, experienced in real-world scenarios, guide you through live-fire exercises to enhance your shooting skills. Even if you’re not a full-time Idaho resident, you can still benefit from our comprehensive training program.

Your Safety Is Priceless, but with Us, It’s Really Affordable

With Ren Ronin Defense’s enhanced CCW classes, you’ll receive the following:

01 Our Guarantee

You get the Idaho Enhanced CCW license or you get your money back.

02 Pricing

$225 for a lifetime of safety

03 Payment

Full payment is due before attending the class. 

Survive by Shooting Smart– Not Just Shooting

Real-World Preparedness

Our training at Red Ronin Defense surpasses the ordinary, concentrating on real-world skills crucial for self-defense. Through hands-on drills, we provide practical experience and foster the mindset needed to handle stress effectively—all within a secure and controlled environment.

Confidence in Every Shot

Join us to acquire the skills needed to be both an accurate and safe shooter, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any self-defense scenario.

Exceed Minimum State Requirements

In a world where minimum state requirements fall short, our course exceeds expectations, prioritizing your knowledge and skills beyond what Idaho Code 18-3302 requires. Our mission is to surpass the state’s minimum mandates, equipping you with the proficiency outlined in Idaho law. With a focus on real-world scenarios, we prepare you for responsible gun ownership and provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to act effectively in critical moments. Join us to elevate your concealed carry knowledge, navigating state law regarding firearm ownership with confidence. 

It’s Not Just Training, It’s a Guarantee of Your Protection

Securing your concealed carry permit is just the beginning. State requirements represent the bare minimum, and we believe that’s insufficient for true expertise. When facing a life-or-death situation, merely meeting minimum requirements won’t suffice.

At Red Ronin Defense, our training exceeds checkbox exercises. We impart real-world skills and knowledge to increase your odds of a safe return home. 

Passing a test might be straightforward, but readiness for a life-changing fight demands next-level training. This is precisely what we offer at Red Ronin Defense: not just a permit, but the capability to safeguard yourself and your loved ones when it matters the most.

Be the Best at Being Prepared for the Worst

Equip yourself with the skills needed to face any threat with confidence. Don’t settle for being unprepared—get the specialized education required to defend your home and family. Join our enhanced CCW class in Boise, Idaho, and take the first step toward ensuring the safety and security of yourself and your loved ones.

What Our Customer Think

Are You Prepared For The Worst?

Equip yourself with the skills you need to face any threat with confidence. Don’t settle for being unprepared – get the specialized education you need to defend your home and family, because if you aren’t, who else is?

UPCOMING CLASSES: Limited seats available

November 4th Saturday 9AM
December 2nd Saturday 9AM

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