Class Requirements

All introductory courses only require a commitment to learn, an open mind to new information, and respect for the instructors and fellow students.

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Receive your Idaho Enhanced CCW permit, which allows you to carry in 39 of the 50 States legally.

Challenge Coins

We have developed our own set of shooting skills to test your shooting prowess, see if you can win one of our challenge coins

Advanced Skill Training

We focus on compounded basics to help you become a proficient shooter.

Gear & Swag

Because we all like to look cool, when we are doing cool stuff

Trained Excellence

We request that you do not carry a loaded firearm to these classes. Please understand that we fully respect your right to carry concealed, but for training purposes and everyone’s safety we ask that you keep your firearm in a safe place while in this class.

Have the right tools for the job

One cannot train to be the most effective if one does not have the right tools for the situation.

Electronic ears

Protective eyewear

Hat with a bill


Designed for shooting in the desert

Gun belt

A firm belt attached to pants/shorts with belt loops


Hard plastic/Kydex or leather. Internal or external is fine

Magazine holder

Extra magazine

Concealment garment

And, of course, a handgun. We recommend you bring the firearm you plan on carrying.



Idaho Enhanced CCW

200 Rounds

Group Class

300 Rounds

Woman’s Class

150 Rounds


Please bring the following items to all sessions where shooting is involved. We recommend using items that are specifically designed for shooting and your specific firearm.



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Drinking container

Snack food

Sun screen

We look forward to training you in our upcoming class. be prepared to have a good time.

Fearless Expertise: Guided by the Best Practices

We strongly believe in your right to bear arms, and we feel it's your responsibility to be a responsible, well-trained and properly trained gun owner.

Let's get you trained!

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